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Automate BOH Inventory Counting with Computer Vision  

Eliminate manual counting and improve stock accuracy with AI-powered inventory management.  
Nomad Go's computer vision is a touchless solution that automates inventory counting in the restaurant back-of-house. 

With Nomad Go's Automated Inventory Management you can:

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Eliminate Manual Inventory Counting

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Reduce Labor Hours Spent on Inventory

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Improve accuracy and avoid product loss

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Power Automated Inventory Fulfillment


How Nomad Go Works

Nomad Go is an end-to-end computer vision system for detecting, classifying, and counting BOH inventory products without any human involvement. Using visual recognition, Nomad Go can detect any SKU type and uses real-time processing to account for overlapping and stacked product types.

  • AI Model Training:

    • Computer vision models are trained to detect all BOH products

  •  Store Implementation: 

    • Once deployed, inventory counts are taken automatically for all products

  • Immediate ROI:

    • Automated, highly accurate inventory counts with limited human intervention 

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Nomad Go Delivers Visual Intelligence Across Multiple Use Cases

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Digital Transformation

Ensure product and service quality across channels

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Labor Efficiencies

Optimize food preparation and streamline process amid labor shortages

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Operational Efficiencies

Gain insights on production bottlenecks, employee productivity, and processes

Automate Stock Counts with a Single App 

Give employees the power of automation in the palm of their hand. With Nomad Go's app, restaurant team members receive guided assistance for taking automated inventory, cutting down labor hours by 85%. 

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Aim at Inventory Storage

Simply point the app and capture inventory counts 

Automated AI Counting

AI counts inventory stock with 99.9% accuracy

Guided Employee App

Easy to use app tells employees where to go

Works on Every SKU

Works across all product types, packaging, etc.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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“Nomad Go has allowed us to shift away from slow, manual measurement methods to a platform with real-world data insights,”

Brett Sibert

President, Northwest Restaurants, Inc.

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Ready To Get Started?

The Nomad Go App installs in minutes on standard hardware including phones and tablet devices. Start collecting data about your space today.