Reduce Risk and Liability

with Automated COVID-19 Compliance Reporting

Detailed mask usage reports for employees and customers inside your business


Can you prove that your business is staying safe?

HealthySpaces gives organizations the ability to prove and validate their COVID-19 healthy and safety measures.

Fully Automated COVID-19 Compliance Reporting

Secure, accurate, and touchless reporting for businesses to open and stay open

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Avoid Fines

Automated logs that track mask usage with employees and customers


Reduce Liability

From employee mask policies to customer mask enforcement, prove business safety in the past, present, and future

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Prevent Shutdowns

Instantaneously share electronic mask usage reports with health officials, regulatory bodies 

Start Tracking Compliance In Three Easy Steps

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Nomad Go sensors install in minutes and can be mounted virtually anywhere in your space

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Proprietary AI algorithms automatically analyze mask usage inside your business

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Real-time dashboards log mask usage data and keep a record of historical compliance 

Update: Mask Requirements Across the US

Washington: Required in all indoor public spaces

Virginia: Required for employees in retail, restaurants, and gyms

New Jersey: Required for employees and customers in essential businesses

Nevada: Required for all employees that interact with the public

Michigan: Required for customers and restaurant employees

Massachusetts: Required for employees and customers of essential businesses

Maryland: Required for customers inside enclosed areas and some employees

New York: Required for customers inside public places 

Illinois: Required for employees and customers inside public spaces

More: To read the full list of mask requirements in each state click here

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Image by Stephen Dawson

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