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Save HVAC energy and CO2 emissions by 38%+
Improve air quality
Reduce HVAC wear and tear

A comprehensive set of AI tools to manage energy costs and optimize your built environment

With Nomad Go's direct AI-powered HVAC controls you can reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, and reduce wear and tear on your HVAC.

The majority of buildings have an energy problem, representing 39% of global C02 emissions and 36% of global energy use.

Why are buildings such large consumers of energy? HVAC operates on static schedules, heating, cooling and ventilating regardless of if anyone is in the space.

This results in wasted energy and significant C02 emissions, as well as occupant discomfort. Research by the Department of Energy by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has shown that live occupancy can change this.

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The Nomad Go Solution
Nomad Go uses computer vision and AI technology to measure the live occupancy of any space within a property. With live occupancy data flowing from every room, Nomad Go seamlessly integrates with existing building automation systems to operate HVAC based on actual usage, not schedules. 










Success Stories


​“Nomad Go’s ability to save Greystar variable energy costs, increase the net asset value of our buildings, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a game changer.” - Adrian De Smul, Senior Director of Customer Experience and Innovation, Greystar


​“By controlling HVAC using dynamic occupancy instead of static schedules, the Nomad Go AI solution at McKinstry’s headquarters saved over 38% energy usage and an equal reduction of CO2 emissions, which is a huge step forward in the decarbonization of buildings." - Dean Allen, CEO McKinstry.​

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“Smart Buildings Center is committed to making buildings more dynamic, so we are thrilled to see the impact that Nomad Go’s AI has had on energy savings, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality inside of buildings, including our own.” - Stan Price, Smart Buildings Center

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What Our Customers Say

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"Using the data and insights from Nomad Go, we see immediate opportunities to improve demand control  ventilation and solve existing occupancy detection challenges that will remain critical both during a pandemic and in everyday building operations."

Josh Cales

President, ATS Automation

Image by Stephen Dawson

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