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Energy Savings and Sustainability

by Nomad Go

A comprehensive set of AI tools to manage energy costs and optimize your built environment

With Nomad Go's direct control into building management systems and real-time occupancy data, you can save energy, reduce emissions, create healthier spaces and optimize space utilization.

See how ATS Automation uses Nomad Go to improve its ventilation control strategies and overall space health in real time.

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Buildings worldwide account for over 39% of all greenhouse emissions and 36% of energy consumptionmuch of which comes from heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These systems are highly inefficient due to one thing: there is no way to accurately count the occupancy of a building, zone or room. Instead, most buildings are controlled by schedules and primitive sensors, leading to 20%-25% in wasted energy and CO2 emissions according to the Department of Energy.

Nomad Go is an easy-to-deploy edge AI computer vision solution that provides highly accurate and real-time occupancy data at scale, leading to energy savings from 17%-22%.


With Nomad Go you can:

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Improve Energy Efficiency

Adjust ventilation in real-time to dramatically reduce energy consumption

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Enhance Sustainability

Use real-time data to lower

energy-related carbon emissions

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Optimize Spaces

 Make informed space decisions with real-time data, for more energy savings

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Create Healthier Environments

Optimize layout & procedures to improve employee and customer

comfort and safety


How Nomad Go Works

Using everyday smart devices, Nomad Go accurately detects the number of people in a room in real time using computer vision on the edge. The data is sent directly to the building management system to regulate air flow according to the number of people in the room, thereby reducing energy usage and energy-related carbon emissions.

Nomad Go provides a variety of out of the box metrics and functionality including:

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Energy & Sustainability

  • Occupancy

  • Density

  • Direct Control of Building Systems

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Health & Safety

  • Occupant Traffic/Alerts

  • Mask Detection

  • Physical Distancing

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Planning & Design

  • Space Utilization

  • Dwell Time

  • Scheduling

What Our Customers Say

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"Using the data and insights from Nomad Go, we see immediate opportunities to improve demand control  ventilation and solve existing occupancy detection challenges that will remain critical both during a pandemic and in everyday building operations."

Josh Cales

President, ATS Automation

Image by Stephen Dawson

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