Automated Energy Controls


Increase and automate building efficiency with 

Computer Vision Energy Controls 

Maximize energy efficiency with the fastest and most accurate sensor platform for controlling HVAC and lighting

Detailed facility data

Real-time data stream 

Multi-use sensors

Increase building efficiency

Automatic energy controls driven by Computer Vision and AI enables real-time energy management, changing settings in seconds, not minutes, driving up efficiency and expenses down

Create new value added services 

Nomad Go’s Computer Vision based system can allow your company to offer new value added services, including advanced energy analytics, integration with room scheduling and planning tools, or even energy personalization, where HVAC and lighting for rooms can be customized based on a specific person entering the room.

Integrate with existing systems

Integrate with existing HVAC and lighting systems, enabling smart management from existing infrastructures and product offers.  Nomad Go helps differentiate your existing solutions from your competitors.

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with a better source of facilities data

Automate with precision

Automatic energy controls down to the room level, based on the exact number of people in room, with unmatched speed and accuracy, integrated with your existing infrastructure.

Built-in edge privacy

Nomad Go systems leverage computing right at the Edge, reducing the dependencies on Cloud computing and even external network

Real-time data 

Only Computer Vision with AI can provide a real time view into the usage of buildings, enabling a complete data set that is available in seconds, enabling both proactive and reactive capabilities

Scalable deployment

Nomad Go systems are easy to install, highly reliable, and work without any human interactions or adjustments.  Nomad Go sensors have flexible.

Northwest Restaurants

Social Distancing Analytics

"It was simply not possible to get the level of insights we have now before we implemented Nomad Go. The platform was easy to set up, required no effort on our end to implement, and today we are using the business insights to keep our customers and staff safe in our restaurants."