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Streamline processes and enhance operational efficiency with AI and computer vision

Traditional systems that measure operational efficiency are costly and time-intensive. At Nomad Go we've developed an automated solution to measure and optimize restaurant processes allowing you to get real-time insights about your space.

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Leading food services organizations are tapping into the power of visual Intelligence to measure, analyze and enhance their production, process and operational efficiency.

Nomad Go is an easy-to-deploy edge AI computer vision solution that provides highly accurate and real-time product, process, and employee productivity data metrics.
With Nomad Go you can:

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Process Improvement

Track and streamline, product journeys, production efficiency

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Operational Efficiency

Improve productivity, processes, space utilization

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Employee Productivity

Measure dwell time, movement and activity, labor efficiency

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Accelerate new product, launches, processes, testing


How Nomad Go Works

Nomad Go’s AI is a touchless system that automatically captures accurate speed-of-service measurements without any involvement from staff or customers. Data rolls up to dashboards, alerts, and reports for consumption and use.

Nomad Go Delivers Visual Intelligence Across Multiple Use Cases

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Digital Transformation

Ensure product and service quality across channels

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Labor Efficiencies

Optimize food preparation and streamline process amid labor shortages

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Operational Efficiencies

Gain insights on production bottlenecks, employee productivity, and processes


Leading Hamburger Chain Using Computer Vision to Improve Operations


Nomad Go, Success Story – Accelerating Innovations for Large Coffee Chain.

What Our Customers Say

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"Using the data and insights from Nomad Go, we see immediate opportunities to improve demand control  ventilation and solve existing occupancy detection challenges that will remain critical both during a pandemic and in everyday building operations."

Josh Cales

President, ATS Automation

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Ready To Get Started?

The Nomad Go App installs in minutes on standard hardware including phones and tablet devices. Start collecting data about your space today.