NOMAD for Marketing

How do you measure experiential marketing? 

Quantify your impact, show your reach  


Collect data that proves your effectiveness  

Event Attribution

Number of Visitors

Customer Journey

Age & Gender

Guest Satisfaction

Location Performance


Measure Return on Experience  

Close the loop between marketing event exposure and sales attribution. 

Use NOMAD to measure how many event visitors make it into a store and quantify the impact of your event efforts. 

Stop guessing, start knowing

Your event staff should be focused on providing a memorable experience to consumers, and your consumers should be focused on falling in love with your products—that’s why we don’t bother either of them with surveys.

Compare across events to measure customer journey, foot traffic, and demographics in real-time.

How we're different

Better event metrics

Go beyond happy and sad faces.

With NOMAD you can measure revenue impacting metrics like

sentiment, dwell time, attribution, and demographics.

Real-time objective data 

NOMAD eliminates the need for subjective human feedback and instead delivers data-driven insights that can't be gamed, all in real-time. 


No customer or event staff action required. NOMAD is completely hands-off which means you collect 100% sample size of every customer. 

100% sample size

Every consumer, every interaction. NOMAD captures a 360 degree view of your consumer experience at every event location.

State DOT

Measure event impact. 

"We used to rely on anecdotal methods to define the success of our events. With NOMAD we can measure our impact and quantify exactly who we reached and if they converted."