The Real-Time Computer Vision Platform

that makes spaces more efficient & safer

  • Reduce energy consumption 

  • Manage social distancing & access 

  • Improve customer experience

Today's built environment continue to be measured by old-school techniques that yield incomplete sample sizes with data that isn't actionable.

Nomad Go's vision platform is an end-to-end solution that give you a real-time feed into what is happening inside your space.


This data can be used to instantaneously control infrastructure (HVAC, Lighting etc.), ensure social distancing, and provide feedback on how your customers are engaging in a space.

The Solution

Nomad Go enables brick-and-mortar businesses to gain real-time intelligence about

their in-store operations, marketing, and customer experience to increase revenues. 

Energy Efficiency

Social Distancing

Customer Experience

- Increase peak throughput

- Reduce customer abandonment

- Attract new customers

- Target marketing and promotions

- Reduce customer churn

- Increase guest frequency

Comprehensive and Complete Data 

Complete Sample Size

Sample size of 100% vs .01%

Actionable Insights

Measure revenue impacting KPI's

Touchless Measurement

No interruption to customers

Nomad Go's AI-based solutions provide the most powerful way for companies to improve their operations, marketing, and customer experience

Restaurants: Increase speed, service, and sales

Retail: Convert guests into loyal customers

Events: Quantify event ROI and amplify experiences

"Nomad Go has allowed us to shift away from slow, manual measurement methods to a platform with real-world data insights"

Brett Sibert

President, Northwest Restaurants, Inc. 

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