How It Works

Understand And Improve Your Physical Spaces Like Never Before

Nomad Go is the only end-to-end computer vision solution that provides real-time data so you can understand and respond instantaneously to how people are using physical spaces in buildings.

Real-Time Dashboards And Alerts

With real-time spatial intelligence, access actionable dashboards that give you information about anything and everything happening in your spaces.


For a holistic data view

Alerts & Triggers

For immediate action and awareness


For a real-time data stream

Edge Computer Vision Technology

Nomad Go's Edge Computer Vision makes spatial intelligence data real-time and private. It's our secret sauce.  By processing everything on low cost smart devices (phone, tablets) that collect information, we're able to provide data while it is happening with zero-latency. And by doing all the work on the edge, no images are ever saved anywhere to ensure individual privacy. 


No latency


"By leveraging compute at the edge, Nomad Go has created a scalable solution to get continuous insights about locations to immediately act to improve operations and customer service.”

- Tad Brockway, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Azure Storage, Media, and Edge, Microsoft Corp. 

End-To-End Technology That Scales With Your Spaces

Privacy by Design

  • Anonymized computer vision

  • Privacy built-in with no PII collected

  • Real-time, no-latency processing

No Specialty Hardware

  • Uses low cost smart devices

  • Avoid supply chain issues at scale

  • Flexible and fast deployments

Connect, Integrate, And Control With The Nomad Go API 

Bring Nomad Go data into existing systems or connect directly to building controls. Nomad Go’s data can be consumed in a variety of different forms, including an API,

as a direct feed consumed by controller interfaces, and via our custom dashboards and apps. 

Image by Stephen Dawson

Ready To Get Started?

The Nomad Go App installs in minutes on standard hardware including phones and tablet devices. Start collecting data about your spaces today.

About Nomad Go

Nomad Go unlocks actionable knowledge about any built environment, from people counting, to traffic flow, to social distancing. Our Edge Computer AI Vision generates anonymized real-time data streams about physical spaces for analytics, alerts and real-time management of building controls to enable healthier, more energy-efficient and touchless building experiences.

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