Insights for Marketing


Attract new customers and maximize existing business with Insights for Marketing

Your one-stop shop for data-driven decision making

Drive new business

Increase customer frequency

Understand your guest

Drive new business &

increase campaign ROI 

Gain insight into customer personas at the single-store level, including age and gender demographics for each location.

Easily identify how customer profiles vary throughout the day and across various locations.

Use Nomad Go Insights to define campaign profiles, creatives, and targeting. 

Increase guest frequency & retention

Combine Nomad Go Insights with POS data to segment customer profiles based on menu preferences. 

Use Insights to identify what promotions to run, which specials are most effective, and who to promote to. 

A/B test in-store promotions and measure how campaigns convert new customers & increase frequency.

How we're different

Nomad Go delivers insights on revenue-impacting operations metrics to keep your store running smoothly.

Actionable insights

Real-time data

Real-time insights enable operators to correct issues on the fly, even if they're not on site. 

No guest or employee action required which means employees can focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Touchless measurement 

Complete sample size

Every customer, every interaction. Nomad Go measures a complete view of your customer experience at every location. 

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 Marketing Intelligence

"With NOMAD, knowing the precise impact of our efforts and the personas of our customers gives our client a 360-degree understanding of their marketing efforts and, most importantly, a competitive edge ."