Insights for Operations


Effortlessly optimize store performance with 

Insights for Operations 

Meet your new AI operations manager- on shift 24/7

Increase Revenue

Streamline Operations

Delight Your Guests

Increase Peak Throughput 

Skip the stopwatches & surveys and use Nomad Go to measure how long customers wait in line and how fast they get their orders fulfilled.

Easily identify throughput bottlenecks to get your line moving again. 

Compare speed-of-service across every store and identify where to allocate resources.

Increase guest satisfaction 

Exceed customer expectations with short wait times and fast service.

Identify customer service shortfalls before they cause customer churn and order abandonment.

Get to the root of the problem with dynamic customer satisfaction measurment.

How we're different

Actionable insights

Nomad Go delivers insights on revenue-impacting operations metrics to keep your store running smoothly.

Real-time data

Real-time insights enable operators to correct issues on the fly, even if they're not on site. 

Touchless measurement 

No guest or employee action required which means employees can focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Complete sample size

Every customer, every interaction. Nomad Go measures a complete view of your customer experience at every location. 

Northwest Restaurants

Real-Time Insights

"It was simply not possible to get the level of insights we have now before we implemented Nomad Go. The platform was easy to set up, required no effort on our end to implement, and today we are using the business insights to drive operational efficiencies and better customer satisfaction in our restaurants ."