Microsoft showcases Nomad Go's AI solution for space intelligence using Edge computing at Ignite 2019

Microsoft is showcasing Nomad Go's AI solution for space intelligence at Ignite 2019. 

The Microsoft Intelligent Edge booth is demonstrating how Nomad Go uses Edge Computing to collect real-time operational insights by showing a live feed of visitor traffic, dwell time and sentiment.

Edge Computing, where AI is processed on-premise, is a key component for maximizing security, privacy, and speed

"Nomad Go is a prime example of how our partners are using the Microsoft Azure Stack family to deliver business value for customers.

By leveraging Azure compute at the edge, Nomad Go has created a scalable solution to get continuous insights about locations to immediately act to improve operations and customer service.”

- Tad Brockway, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Azure Storage, Media, and Edge, Microsoft Corp.