Nomad Go and ATS Automation Announce Partnership Focused on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Kirkland, WA – November 10, 2020 – ATS Automation and Nomad Go today announced their strategic partnership to deliver industry-leading solutions to the commercial real estate, healthcare and education industries, combining ATS Automation’s extensive experience in building management with Nomad Go’s advanced computer vision expertise. Together, the companies will help building owners and operators dramatically reduce their energy costs and energy-related carbon emissions using demand control ventilation strategies, optimize spaces and create healthier environments for their tenants.

As a leader in building management solutions – including energy management services, automated control systems, critical airflow solutions, and building systems integration – ATS Automation brings over 30 years of experience working with commercial real estate firms to optimize their demand control ventilation strategies. ATS recognized Nomad Go’s computer vision platform as a natural fit for its portfolio of offerings, given its unique ability to provide real-time occupancy data for any space and integrate directly into building management control systems to generate significant energy and operational savings.

“At ATS, we are committed to providing our customers with innovative, value-based technology solutions,” said Josh Cales, President of ATS Automation. “After evaluating Nomad Go’s technology in our own headquarters office, we saw the immense potential for the platform to transform how our customers manage today’s pandemic-related challenges of ensuring a safe environment, as well as more efficiently control ventilation in their buildings. We are excited to bring this solution to our customers to help them create healthier, more energy-efficient and more sustainable environments.”

Watch this video to see how ATS Automation uses Nomad Go to keep their offices healthy and how they use precise demand-control ventilation.

Nomad Go’s easy-to-deploy system provides highly accurate and real-time spatial information at scale, including occupancy, as well as mask compliance and physical distancing. Rather than heating and cooling rooms needlessly when no one or only a few people are in a building, Nomad Go can be used to improve control of HVAC systems based on the number of occupants in a space, increasing occupant comfort, saving energy costs, reducing energy-related carbon emissions and providing improved indoor environmental quality.

Nomad Go accomplishes this with its patent-pending edge AI computer vision system. Unlike traditional computer vision systems that use cameras with costly IT infrastructure, Nomad Go’s technology turns commodity smart devices into highly extensible vision sensors that do all their processing at the edge. The result is a light infrastructure solution that is low cost, low bandwidth, and protects privacy to provide highly accurate, real-time data. The platform can easily be extended over time as new visual information (i.e. masks) is needed.

Beyond controlling HVAC systems, Nomad Go provides insights into space usage trends to help with space optimization, and helps create healthier environments by tracking mask usage, physical distancing, and more.

“We are thrilled to partner with ATS Automation to help organizations across many industries become more energy-efficient and sustainable,” said David Greschler, CEO of Nomad Go. “ATS and Nomad Go share a commitment to delivering high-value solutions for the built environment, and we look forward to working together to help our mutual customers create more efficient, more optimized and healthier spaces.”

Organizations can learn more about this unique partnership by joining a webinar on Wednesday, November 18th at 10 am PT/1 pm ET to hear from representatives from both companies who will share trends in energy efficiency and discuss the Nomad Go solution in more detail.

About ATS Automation

ATS, established in 1986, specializes in custom engineered and installed Smart Building Automation Systems for buildings' mechanical and electrical systems, allowing owners to provide enhanced occupant experiences, reduce energy consumption and maximize effectiveness of facilities management personnel. ATS can serve you from our offices located in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming and Alaska. Contact your local ATS representative to find out how you can start running your building more efficiently and economically. Visit to find the location near you.

About Nomad Go

Nomad Go provides visual intelligence that allows businesses to understand and improve physical spaces like never before. With our out-of-the box computer vision solution delivered on the edge, businesses across all industries can unlock actionable knowledge about any physical environment much more quickly than with traditional computer vision, at a fraction of the cost. Nomad Go’s industry-leading platform provides the flexibility and scalability that enables businesses to transform their spaces to be healthier, energy efficient and smarter.

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