• David Greschler

Can Artificial Intelligence make your space safer after COVID-19?

As businesses cautiously reopen after COVID-19 closures, the health and safety of their employees and customers will be top priority. Adequate social distancing, proper mask utilization, and optimal air quality and ventilation will be critical to keeping people safe. However, getting the metrics to achieve these results is an especially difficult challenge for many business owners.

“Open for Business” is much trickier now than before COVID-19. It involves much more than just unlocking a door, switching on the lights, or flipping over the CLOSED sign. Creating a safe, healthy space will help gain the confidence of nervous employees and wary customers. But getting the precise, actionable data you need to build your reopening strategy isn’t easy—or is it?

Being able to accurately determine how many people have entered and exited a space, who is (and isn’t!) wearing masks in required areas, and whether social distancing guidelines are being met is a critical capability. Falling short at any step in the process can jeopardize safety, expose liability, and force short-term—or permanent—closure.

Getting back in business safely

By using a scalable data platform to inform your COVID-19 reopening strategy, you can create the safest possible space for customers and employees. Armed with real-time data on your physical environment and the activity within it, you’ll be empowered to make the smartest decisions about capacity, HVAC utilization, and physical distancing requirements. This data-driven approach to bringing customers and employees back into workspaces can help you accurately determine safe occupancy and density, social distancing guidelines, and PPE compliance rates.

Introducing HealthySpaces by Nomad Go

HealthySpaces, a suite of tools using the proven Nomad Go Computer Vision platform, provides back-to-work metrics that help businesses safely and strategically reopen. Already in use at retail, food service, and commercial real estate sites, HealthySpaces delivers real-time insights about your physical spaces, and can scale quickly to serve multiple locations as needed.

With HealthySpaces, you can optimize layouts for safety, keep employees and customers updated about current conditions in your space, and get live updates when spaces are breaking social distancing protocols. You’ll be able to forecast future needs and use the information for more accurate resource planning, employee scheduling, and to proactively map out future strategies. HealthySpaces offers:

· Real-time workspace monitoring that can be integrated into customer and employee apps and services

· Alerts and notifications about occupancy and other health metrics, sent directly to a variety of systems, services, and devices

· Compliance and usage dashboards that help companies follow health guidance and regulations

· Direct control of HVAC systems to enable more precise ventilation based on occupancy and density

And because privacy remains a big concern for everyone, all data collected by HealthySpaces is anonymous and protected by our proprietary Nomad Go edge computing platform. Using intelligent devices with on-board processing, Nomad Go data is analyzed on-device without having to send sensitive data to the cloud. To ensure individual privacy, images or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are never recorded.

Do you have the data you need to reopen safely?

Providing a safe environment for your customers and employees gives you an advantage in this unprecedented time. Since 2016, Nomad Go has used its innovative spatial intelligence solution to help brick-and-mortar restaurants and retail optimize safety, customer and employee satisfaction, and revenue. We can help you make sure you’ll be opening your doors to the safest space possible.

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