• David Greschler

Drive more traffic and increase campaign ROI

For large restaurant brands, creating a detailed marketing strategy that appeals to all locations, demographics, and tastes has never been easy. With multiple stores and thousands of customers served, marketing teams are constantly battling with how to effectively drive traffic using the limited information available to them. Every marketer knows that while data from a single-store level would be ideal, there’s no feasible or efficient way to collect that detailed information. Instead, modern marketing teams are forced to rely on broad-sweeping consumer reports, and fragmented 3rd party data to make their decisions. Given these limitations, it’s no surprise that there are no ways to measure the effectiveness of a campaign at a store level.

To empower restaurant marketing teams to act with precision, we’re thrilled to announce Nomad Go for Marketing - a one of a kind marketing intelligence tool that lets marketers create, target, and test marketing campaigns based on data from 100% customer sample size.

Accurate Information, increased ROI

With Nomad Go for Marketing, brands are equipped with real-time customer profile information from every store. And because the data is based off of 100% sample size, you know that your team is working with the most up to date and accurate data available to create the right campaign messaging and target customer profiles based on Nomad Go’s data and insights.

Once campaigns are built and messaging is finalized, Nomad Go makes it easy for marketers to test if their campaigns are driving in-store results. In the days following a launch, teams can discover how demographic profiles are shifting, identify if a store is getting more repeat business from a campaign, and see if designated menu items are being purchased by the intended target audience.

The Botton Line:

When your team is powered by Nomad Go for Marketing, you’ll be making business-critical decisions from a single source of real-time and accurate information, giving you the power to build an effective marketing strategy from the ground up.

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