End-to-End Computer Vision Solution Helps Retailers Accelerate Digital Transformation

Solution designed to deliver faster time to value, provide critical business insights and achieve a quicker return on investment than traditional computer vision

Kirkland, WA – October 5, 2020 – Nomad Go, a leading provider of AI solutions for physical spaces, today announced the availability of its end-to-end computer vision solution designed to deliver deep business insights for retailers, out of the box. While traditional computer vision solutions are slow and costly to deploy, Nomad Go’s solution is architected for fast and easy setup, with compute happening on the edge to reduce costly IT overhead. Further, the solution delivers instant insights through a real-time data feed, providing a holistic, actionable solution to help retailers harness the vast amounts of data in their stores and use it to transform their businesses.

See HealthySpaces in action here.

“Our industry-leading computer vision platform is designed to make computer vision work in the real world,” said David Greschler, CEO, Nomad Go. “We’ve developed an end-to-end solution that deploys in minutes and provides real-time insights, all while managing costs and protecting privacy. This means that retailers can accelerate their digital transformation and get real value from their investments to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace”.

Nomad Go’s solution leverages everyday smart devices to run an app that installs in minutes, providing real-time data for a robust set of metrics that provide actionable intelligence to retailers. These include:

· Customer Experience: wait times, browsing behavior, customer retention and churn

· Consumer Insights: customer journey, traffic patterns, demographics

· End Cap Measurement: dwell time, product engagement, traffic

The solution also provides metrics that help keep retail environments safe, from mask detection to physical distancing to space occupancy and density. As the platform is flexible and extensible, metrics can easily be added to the platform to meet retailer needs simply by updating the device remotely with a new machine learning model.

Unlike sensors that rely on proprietary hardware, Nomad Go uses everyday smart devices such as phones, tablets and displays to accelerate deployment times, reduce the overall cost of deployment, and remove supply chain dependencies. As AI processing happens on the device, all data collected is anonymous and no images or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are saved on the device or sent over the network to ensure individual privacy.

The Nomad Go solution has been deployed at more than 100 locations nationwide.

About Nomad Go

Nomad Go provides visual intelligence that allows businesses to understand and improve physical spaces like never before. With our out-of-the box computer vision solution delivered on the edge, businesses across all industries can unlock actionable knowledge about any physical environment much more quickly than with traditional computer vision, at a fraction of the cost. Nomad Go’s industry-leading platform provides the flexibility and scalability that enables businesses to transform their spaces to be healthier, safer and smarter.

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