How ATS Automation Built a Digital Foundation for Space Health, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

In my last post, I described the unique aspects of the Nomad Go solution and how we’ve made computer vision accessible for our customers. The focus of today’s post is focused on a real-world deployment so you can learn more about how the solution is being leveraged for multiple use cases.

ATS Automation is one of the largest building automation companies in the Pacific Northwest, providing solutions for some of the region’s most iconic buildings including the Space Needle and the Spheres. As ATS also services hospitals, data centers and other critical infrastructure, it was deemed an essential business when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. ATS needed to keep its headquarters building open so its team members could continue to service customers effectively. ATS turned to Nomad Go to help them maintain a safe working environment.

The ATS headquarters is a 42,000 square foot facility with one main entrance and three rear entrances. With Nomad Go Visual Intelligence, ATS tracks occupancy in real time and pushes this information out to employees through digital displays at the entrance to the building and outside conference rooms. This allows ATS to ensure that its employees maintain appropriate social distancing throughout its facility. ATS also has a mask detection kiosk set up at the main entrance to the building that uses our technology. As employees enter the building and sign in, they check their temperature while standing at the mask kiosk. The kiosk notifies employees and visitors to put on a mask if they aren’t already wearing one. Once ATS installed the kiosk, they saw a shift in mask compliance from 65% to 99%, and the reception staff was relieved of the burden of enforcing the policy.

With Nomad Go Visual Intelligence, ATS is building a digital foundation that will allow them to create demand control ventilation (DCV) strategies based on real-time data. Rather than relying on CO2 sensors that lag and require frequent calibration, Nomad Go will allow ATS to bring highly precise, real-time data into its building management system to make its DCV more responsive, more accurate and more efficient. ATS can ensure enough ventilation for each individual without over-ventilating spaces which wastes energy and increases costs. ATS’ goal is to balance the comfort needs of the occupant with the amount of outside air that they actually need while being energy efficient. You can learn more about their deployment in this video here.

ATS is a strong proponent of technology and innovation and is committed to bringing impactful technology solutions to its customers. Our solution allows them to help customers address near-term concerns while setting them up for success in the future with a foundation for energy savings, sustainability, space optimization and more.

In my next post I will explain how we reduce energy usage by using occupancy-based HVAC control.

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