• David Greschler

Increase customer throughput with automated speed optimization

If you’re responsible for restaurant operations then you know the importance of managing customer wait times and optimizing throughput at peak intervals. Great operations teams are able to effectively identify throughput bottlenecks, implement fixes and new processes, and test if their changes are effective. But these teams are hard to come by. Many operations teams struggle to simply measure where their bottlenecks might be, let alone correct them. Yet, this is critically important as it directly impacts the bottom line: if you get more customer through during peak, you gain more revenue. According to the Association of Consumer Research study on queue times in the restaurant industry, over 50% of consumers found waiting in line to be a top negative experience. Consumers also perceived a long queue as a negative impact on their overall dining experience, even over factors such as food quality and restaurant cleanliness. Without the ability to measure this critical customer touchpoint, restaurants are flying blind with one of the most important components of their operation. To solve these challenges, we’re excited to announce Nomad Go for Operations - a powerful new suite of metrics built to automatically measure all aspects of your store ops in real-time, including in-store speed of service.

Accurate Information, increased ROI As part of the Nomad Go for Operations launch, customers will now be able to measure speed of service across any number of touchpoints in their restaurant. From the moment a customer steps foot in your store, to when they order and when they pay, Nomad Go is capable of measuring any part of the customer journey and identify where the bottlenecks are along the way. Once Nomad Go has identified your speed baselines across different hours of the day, brands can start implementing new systems and processes, and get real-time feedback if the changes are moving the needle. Nomad Go is built for rapid deployment, so wiring up your store takes no more than one hour. Once it’s installed, you set it and forget it with constant, real-time automated measurement.

With multiple locations wired with Nomad Go, operations teams can track speed of service scores across regions and locations, giving operators a real-time view into all their locations to find the ones that are doing well and the ones that need more attention. Nomad for Operations – think of it as the real-time EKG for all your stores.

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