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Nomad Go Success Story – Large Salad Chain Utilizes AI to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

A large regional restaurant chain is a made-to-order, fast-casual restaurant concept serving healthy and delicious salads, wraps, and warm grain bowls. As a fast-casual restaurant, ensuring speed of service while delivering exceptional products and services is the name of the game.

This innovative company is now using computer vision and artificial intelligence to ensure success in reopening their stores after COVID and in delivering customer service excellence.

  • Structure: Fast Casual, Salad Restaurant Chain

  • Locations: 30 locations across the pacific northwest

  • End goal: Operation efficiency and exceptional customer experience

  • Solution: Computer vision and artificial intelligence for measuring traffic outside the stores as well as the speed of service

  • Data insights: Traffic counts outside the stores, speed of service, dwell time, customer flow, product efficiency, production from order to pick up


After acquiring another salad chain just before the pandemic hit, and then having to shut dine-in service for all thirty locations, this large salad restaurant chain needed to be on point and efficient with their reopening plans.

To ensure no waste in spend and with limited labor resources, this regional chain of fast-casual salad restaurants looked to Nomad Go’s computer vision and artificial intelligence solution to bring the insights and due diligence needed for a successful re-opening plan, as well as continue to deliver the excellent customer service that they are known for.


Labor shortages and tight operating budgets resulting from the impact of COVID shutdowns as well as pressure from an increasingly expensive and competitive labor market pushed this large salad chain to tap into computer vision and AI with the Nomad Go Visual Intelligence solution.

Specifically, this QSR was looking to determine if a store was ready for re-opening based on passing foot traffic and once open, track customer service KPI’s (speed of service, etc.) across their stores.

If a store reopened ahead of demand, they risked wasting labor, opening expenses, and operating costs for an underperforming store. If they opened too late, they would miss out on revenue opportunities. With an eye on reducing costs and increasing margins by opening ‘on-site’ based on demand, they needed an innovative solution to their challenge.


This large restaurant chain needed a system that could be easily deployed in their stores and the solution needed to collect accurate, reliable data without deploying significant human resources. The solution needed to capture outside and inside stores as well as the speed of service and customer order, pick up, and departure data points.

Nomad Go’s automated, computer vision-based, visual intelligence system was deployed to help guide Evergreen’s reopening strategy and once open, ensure exceptional customer experiences inside the stores.

Store Opening Plan –For several weeks, Nomad Go measured and analyzed passing foot traffic outside of multiple stores that had not yet reopened. Traffic counts were visualized by time and day in dashboards and used by the restaurants for strategic decisions around reopening timelines and prioritization.

Improving Customer Experience – Inside the store, Nomad Go’s touchless visual intelligence system measured real-time speed of service, dwell time, customer counts, as well as customer flow data. The data and corresponding insights were presented in dashboard reports that leadership and store managers used to fine-tune their operations and improve the overall guest experience.

As reopening decisions needed to be made quickly, leadership needed a solution that could be easily deployed to their stores without an extensive installation process or IT overhead. The Nomad Go system deployed in under 30-minutes to capture both foot traffic and in-store operations and required nothing more than three smart devices and a Wi-Fi connection to get up and running.


Using the data and insights from Nomad Go, this large restaurant chain was able to reopen on budget, on time, and with exceptional quality of customer service. They avoided wasted costs and were prepared to meet the demand at each store as they reopened. In-store speed of service was optimized through the reopening period and at the end of the day, leadership now has a standardized list of operational KPIs per store and a tool to keep a pulse on day-to-day operations.

Looking forward, this organization is aiming to fine-tune operations with different speeds of service targets based on location, layout, customer type, etc., and are continuing with their mode of innovations for growth and efficiency.

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