Physical Distancing


Keep employees and customers safe with 

Physical Distancing Analytics 

Create a COVID reopening strategy that keeps your spaces safe and open 

Control occupancy   

Enforce physical distancing

Maximize space efficiency

Reduce risk while 

maximizing efficiency 

Monitor and count the number of people within a designated space, how far apart people are, and identify areas of congestion and risk. 


Keep in compliance of social distance requirements while also maximizing the number of people in the space, ensuring you get the most of your space with the least risk. 

Put your employees and customers at ease

With Nomad Go’s analytics and interactive technology, you can easily and rapidly make your space social distancing compliant, showing your customers and employees that you value their safety and are implementing new technology to keep them safe.

Access real-time occupancy and social distancing reports to show compliance.

Trusted in the world's largest and busiest spaces 

Over +2M

square feet analyzed

500+ Deployments

in the U.S. last year

+3.2M Instances

of spatial measurement

Redefine your risk management strategy with safety intelligence

Automate social distancing  

Automatically monitor and count the people within your space, without any interaction required from either customers or your staff.

Built-in privacy

Nomad Go protects staff and customer privacy by leverage computing at the Edge, reducing the dependencies on Cloud computing and even external network access.

Real-time data

A complete data set that is available in seconds, not hours. Nomad Go enables both proactive and reactive enforcement of social distancing

Easy Installation

Nomad Go systems are easy to install and highly reliable. Nomad Go sensors have flexible installation options and integrate with nearly any backend system and infrastructure

Northwest Restaurants

Social Distancing Analytics

"It was simply not possible to get the level of insights we have now before we implemented Nomad Go. The platform was easy to set up, required no effort on our end to implement, and today we are using the business insights to keep our customers and staff safe in our restaurants."