Webinar: Unlocking Actionable Insights in Grocery Retail with Computer Vision



Whether you are an operations, marketing or merchandising manager at grocery retailer, access to data about customer shopping patterns is critical. What if you had access to real-time data that allowed you to measure arrival rates to adjust staffing and improve labor efficiency, or end cap engagement data to maximize inventory placement and CPG partner relationships?

Listen to our webinar to learn more from Nomad Go's VP of Customer Success Edwin Yuen about how leading grocery retailers are using computer vision to gain real-time customer insights that are helping them transform their businesses.

In this webinar you will:

  • hear about the computer vision use cases that are helping drive digital transformation in grocery

  • see how real-time Visual Intelligence data can transform your business across a variety of use cases

  • learn what makes the Nomad Go computer vision solution stand apart from traditional computer vision offerings

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Nomad Go unlocks actionable knowledge about any built environment, from people counting, to traffic flow, to social distancing. Our Edge Computer AI Vision generates anonymized real-time data streams about physical spaces for analytics, alerts and real-time management of building controls to enable healthier, more energy-efficient and touchless building experiences.

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