Physical Distancing Analytics

Keep spaces safe with real-time AI analytics that reduce risk while maximizing existing real estate.

The real-time AI computer vision platform for creating safer, smarter, more efficient spaces 

Real-time data and pinpoint precision gives you the power to transform your physical spaces and your business.


Using advanced machine learning, Nomad Go harnesses the chaos of the physical world, providing businesses with the insights to reduce costs and improve the safety of their built environments. 

Energy Efficiency

- Lighting and HVAC controls

- Usage and occupancy analytics

Physical Distancing

- Mitigate workplace risk 

- Safely maximize space capacity 

Customer Experience

- Reduce customer churn

- Increase guest frequency

Powered by precise, real-time AI vision data  

Complete Sample Size

Sample size of 100% vs .01%

Easy Integration

Simple backend system integration

Privacy Built-In

Anonymous edge data collection

"Nomad Go has allowed us to shift away from slow, manual measurement methods to a platform with real-world data insights"

Brett Sibert

President, Northwest Restaurants, Inc. 

Partnership Programs

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