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 We make spaces


energy efficient

& smarter 

Capture real-time insights about any physical space with the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective computer vision solution 

​Nomad Go provides critical data & insights for the following solutions: 

Automated Building

Nomad Go: The End-to-End Computer Vision Solution 

Use real-time data to make your space healthier, safer and more efficient

Installs in


Easy set up to collect occupancy, mask usage & other data

Get real-time data for dashboards & alerts

Receive real-time alerts about space metrics via our API

Real-time Building

Use real-time occupancy data to control HVAC for healthier & energy efficient buildings

​Nomad Go: The easy to deploy computer vision solution 




Mask Detection


Speed of Service

Collect out-of-the-box insights about any space

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Vice President
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Assoc. Manager, Innovation & Strategy

One App Does It All -
Intelligence On Any Device

The Nomad Go App collects, processes and sends real-time data for alerts, reports and building controls. Instantly updatable, the app's

functionality expands by simply adding new AI models. The app runs on standard, low cost smart devices (phone/tablets, cameras) for high availability and leverages the world’s best security and networking.

Edge Compute to Ensure Privacy

The Nomad Go App does its work on the edge so all information is processed on the device. No images or personal identifiable information (PII) are ever saved on the device or in the cloud.

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No latency
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Nomad Go has been measuring activity in the real world for over four years, and has processed over 12 million interactions in retail, food service, property and live events. Our AI is the most accurate, fast and flexible for any built environment and developed by a team that comes from Microsoft, Amazon, HP and successful startups in the computer vision industry. 

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Interactions Analyzed

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Combined AI And Enterprise
Technology Experience


Nomad Go is proud to partner with industry-leading enterprise technology companies like Microsoft, AWS, and Nvidia. To learn more about our  Microsoft partnership, watch the recap of Nomad Go featured at Ignite 2019 at the Azure Intelligent Edge booth in Orlando, FL. 

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Ready To Get Started?

The Nomad Go App installs in minutes on standard hardware including phones and tablet devices. Start collecting data about your space today.