Inventory Management

An AI platform that enables automated inventory counts and powers decision making

Inventory Management software

Faster Inventory


Count Accuracy


Fixed Hardware & Installation Costs

Ditch the Barcode Scanner

METAshelfTM combines computer vision with augmented reality to automate inventory counts on handheld devices. A visual approach that allows accurate, more frequent counts of any inventory environment, completely transforming inventory management.

Automated Counts

Automated Counts

Capture SKU specific counts and OOS data quickly and accurately

Unified Inventory Management

Unified Inventory Management

Real-time inventory and consumption across a network

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Optimize recommendations and layer in tangential data

Supply Chain Automation

Supply Chain Automation

Influence demand plan forecasting and automate ordering

How it Works

how METAshelf works
inventory management software
Inventory Management system


Open the Nomad Go Platform

inventory management software


Scan Items

Inventory Management software


Submit Automated Inventory Data

inventory management software


Transform Supply Chain and Unlock Automations

Shelf intelligence for any product or business


Notoriously tight and crowded spaces, Nomad Go has been optimized for back-of-house environments. Whether inventory is stored on metro shelves or in temperature controlled areas like a refrigerator, we can recognize and scan with nothing more than a handheld device and the app.

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back of house inventory


Nomad Go’s platform works with individual units (regardless of form factor) and shipper cases, making it perfect for operators storing inventory in menu boards, cubbies or in a grab-n-go customer area.

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Front of House Inventory and Management


The speed and accuracy of Nomad Go allows the technology to be used with any format including finished goods or CPG products in a retail format. Now businesses can unlock POG and out-of-stock analytics to drive greater revenue.

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retail inventory management systems


Nomad Go runs on a handheld device which enables ultimate flexibility without compromised results. Scans can occur in walk-in freezers, refrigerators or any environment to ensure all products are captured.

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inventry anywhere
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Why operators love Nomad Go

automated inventory counts

Drive Margin Growth

Unlock revenue growth through menu & POG optimizations, while reducing lost sales opportunities, maximizing labor utilization and reducing waste

handheld inventory devices

Scale with Ease

Leverage low-cost hand-held devices and scale across any product and environment without added infrastructure

Inventory Management

Ease of Use

Automates repetitive and uninspiring tasks for employees, so they can focus on what matters…the customer

Digital Twin

AI Transformation

Unparalleled insight into your supply chain, operations, and locations

inventory management system

Reliable & Accurate​

Automate and optimize complex functions with accurate, real-time & traceable data

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