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This Seattle startup is helping physical retailers detect face masks and social distancing

Nomad Go just released “HealthySpaces,” a new product that provides real-time data on store occupancy and density counts, and also measures mask and social distancing compliance.

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Kirkland startup helps businesses navigate COVID-19 world

Nomad Go uses artificial intelligence to help grocery stores, restaurants and workplaces stick to regulations and best practices for curbing coronavirus.


HealthySpaces AI-Based Application Accelerates Safe Facility Reopening

“Using the data and insights from Nomad Go’s HealthySpaces, we see immediate opportunities to improve demand control ventilation and solve existing occupancy detection challenges."

How a Kirkland company uses AI to make it safer for you to return to your office

A Kirkland company has developed a computer system that uses artificial intelligence to help make workplaces and restaurants safer from the spread of Covid-19.

Nomad Go Announces AI Vision Solution HealthySpaces

"With the effectiveness of the tools that Nomad Go builds, we expect innovative solutions such as HealthySpaces to continue to help restaurant operators run great and safe restaurants,”

Real-time data about space occupancy, mask usage, and social distancing

Nomad Go launched HealthySpaces, a new AI-based solution that accelerates the safe, trusted reopening of any physical environment

Nomad Go Announces HealthySpaces™ AI Vision to Accelerate Safe Reopening of Office, Retail, Hospitality, and Education Environments

HealthySpaces helps organizations improve air quality and ensure COVID-19 related compliance by providing real-time data about space occupancy, mask usage, and social distancing

Microsoft uses Nomad Go to showcase the future of brick-and-mortar operations and retail at Ignite 2019

Nomad Go announced their Microsoft Azure edge compute product on display in the Microsoft Azure intelligent edge booth at the Microsoft Ignite 2019 event in Orlando, FL this week.

Nomad Go announces $2.7M in venture financing from investors Flying Fish, Vulcan Capital, and Fitz Gate Ventures

Nomad Go, the pioneer in applying AI to operational efficiency for brick-and-mortar businesses, announced it has raised $2.7 million in seed capital to scale its sales and expand its product offerings