Revolutionizing Inventory for Food Service Operators with NomadGo

NomadGo is a game-changer in the food service industry, making inventory management much easier and efficient. Our Spatial Inventory Intelligence solution empowers enterprises to streamline operations with unmatched efficiency and accuracy, without altering existing environments.

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Why NomadGo for Enterprise Food Service Integration?

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Environments

NomadGo’s prowess extends across various Food Service Operator’s settings:

AI Inventory for Food Service

Metro Shelves

Rapidly count and comprehend inventory on metro shelves, optimizing inventory management effortlessly.

AI Inventory for Food Service

Coolers, Freezers & Walk-Ins

Easily count inventory in these challenging environments, improving accuracy without the hassle of fixed cameras or power constraints.

AI Inventory for Food Service


Maintain precision and speed on make-lines by accurately assessing available inventory, preventing over-prepping and enhancing profitability.

AI Inventory for Food Service

Unstructured Environments

Adapt to the layout diversity in back-of-house areas, allowing swift inventory counts for timely and accurate ordering.

Supplier Managed Inventory ai

Delivery Pallets & Order Accuracy

Validate orders in real-time, ensuring accurate deliveries and averting costly errors before they impact operations.

10X Faster Inventory Counts

Fast and Accurate Foodservice Inventory

Seamlessly count and monitor inventory levels with accuracy, enabling timely restocking and minimizing stockouts.

Fast and Accurate Inventory Counts:

10x Faster and +99% accurate.

Low impact deployment:

No expensive infrastructure or installation. Deployed as an application on any Apple Pro device.


Easy training and fun to use. Change your peoples perspective on inventory and their work experience.

AI Inventory for Food Service