Optimizing Supplier Managed Inventory with NomadGo

NomadGo understands the intricate demands of Supplier Managed Inventory in Grocery, Convenience, and Big Box stores. Our cutting-edge technology streamlines inventory management and ensures Planogram compliance across diverse store environments.

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Why NomadGo for Supplier Managed Inventory in Retail Stores?

Tailored Solutions for Varied Environments

NomadGo’s capabilities extend to optimize inventory management in a multitude of retail settings:

Gondola Shelves

Effortlessly maintain accurate inventory counts and Planogram compliance on gondola shelves, enhancing product visibility and customer experience.

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Coolers, Freezers & Walk-Ins

Overcome the challenge of inventory management in temperature-controlled environments. NomadGo enables precise inventory tracking.

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Ensure inventory accuracy and Planogram compliance in promotional and display areas, optimizing product placement and visibility.

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Delivery Pallets & Compliance

Streamline order validation and inventory checks upon delivery, mitigating errors and ensuring timely restocking of products.

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Planogram Compliance

Validate planogram compliance in real time for consistent product placement, enhanced visibility, and customer access to all company products.

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NomadGo Planogram Compliance

Ensuring planogram compliance is pivotal for consistent product placement, enhancing visibility, and ensuring accessibility for customers. NomadGo's planogram capabilities streamline this process, aligning every location with the corporate plan while eliminating the need for field teams to shoulder new complex responsibilities.

By maintaining planogram compliance, NomadGo helps fosters brand consistency, fortifying customer trust and loyalty within a unified and predictable store environment.

NomadGo's Planogram capabilities encompass:
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Immediate Results

Know your planogram is accurate before you leave to store.

Inventory Locations

Confirm products are precisely positioned.

Missing Products

Ensuring a complete portfolio of available products.

Foreign Product Recognition

Identifying when foreign products are placed in your designated shelf space.

Inventory Counts

Accurate inventory simplifies picklist creation. No pen and paper required.

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Fast and Accurate Inventory Counts:

10x Faster and +99% accurate.

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Low impact deployment:

No expensive infrastructure or installation. Deployed as an application on any Apple Pro device.

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Easy training and fun to use. Change your peoples perspective on inventory and planogram compliance.