Today's brick-and-mortar businesses benefit from a wealth of intelligence about their digital channels. 

But the four walls of a retail store or restaurant continue to be measured by old-school techniques (stopwatches, receipt surveys) that yield incomplete sample sizes with data that isn't actionable.

Brick-and-mortar businesses should be measured with the same precision as a website, fully optimizing speed, sales, and service to maximize revenues.

The Solution

Nomad Go enables brick-and-mortar businesses to gain real-time intelligence about

their in-store operations, marketing, and customer experience to increase revenues. 



Customer Experience

- Increase peak throughput

- Reduce customer abandonment

- Attract new customers

- Target marketing and promotions

- Reduce customer churn

- Increase guest frequency

Comprehensive and Complete Data 

Complete Sample Size

Sample size of 100% vs .01%

Actionable Insights

Measure revenue impacting KPI's

Touchless Measurement

No interruption to customers

Nomad Go's AI-based solutions provide the most powerful way for companies to improve their operations, marketing, and customer experience

Restaurants: Increase speed, service, and sales

Retail: Convert guests into loyal customers

Events: Quantify event ROI and amplify experiences

"Nomad Go has allowed us to shift away from slow, manual measurement methods to a platform with real-world data insights"

Brett Sibert

President, Northwest Restaurants, Inc. 

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