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Nomad Go Merges Computer Vision with Augmented Reality to Create the Ultimate Automated Inventory Management Solution: METAshelf™

Computer Vision
Augmented Reality

Nomad Go is excited today to announce the general availability of METAshelf™, a groundbreaking technology that is replacing manual inventory counting and barcode scanning with instantaneous inventory management that is ten times faster and more accurate.

Using METAshelf™ is like stepping into a futuristic world where inventory management is super-fast, highly accurate and fun to do. With the help of computer vision and augmented reality, users quickly scan inventory using tablets, smartphones or cameras to instantly see data overlaid on top of the real world as they walk around their warehouse or store. Whether it's the quantity of a particular product, its location, or its expiration date, all the relevant data is displayed right in front of them in real-time. And with one tap, they can submit the job for automated inventory ordering.

Check it out here:

“Gone are the days of high labor costs and inaccuracies associated with manually counting items and barcode scanning. We are excited to show Nomad Go’s METAshelf™ live at NRF so people can see for themselves how AI takes care of the heavy lifting by automatically identifying and recording inventory items at least ten times faster than traditional methods,” said David Greschler, CEO, Nomad Go. “Also, by unlocking accurate and timely inventory counts, METAshelf™ can analyze past data and forecast future demand, ensuring businesses optimize their stock levels and avoid overstocking or running out of critical items.”

For more information go to www.nomad-go.com or email hello@nomad-go.com