Nomad Go for Retail

Measure, analyze, and act on your 

customer experience data like never before 


Measure customer experience KPI's that increase revenue 

Store Traffic

Customer Loyalty

Customer Journey

Store Dwell Time

Age & Gender

Customer Satisfaction


Stop guessing, start knowing

Your employees should be focused on your customers, and your customers should be focused on falling in love with your products—that’s why we don’t bother either of them to learn about their experience.

Compare across locations to measure customer satisfaction, foot traffic, and loyalty with real-time data. 

Identify and improve CX shortfalls

in real-time  

Stop waiting to hear from customers months after their retail experience. 

Measure your customer experience shortfalls in real-time so that you can take immediate action.

Understand customer demographics at each location, along with repeat customers and in-store dwell time.

How we're different

Better service metrics

Go beyond happy and sad faces. With NOMAD you can measure revenue impacting metrics like loyalty, satisfaction, and store dwell time. 

Real-Time objective data 

NOMAD eliminates the need for subjective human feedback and instead delivers data-driven insights that can't be gamed, all in real-time.


No customer or employee action required. NOMAD is completely hands-off which means you collect 100% sample size of every customer. 

100% sample size

Every customer, every interaction. NOMAD captures a 360 degree view of your customer experience at every location. 

Retail Store

Measure loyalty. 

"We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service that keeps shoppers coming back. NOMAD lets us know how we're doing with repeat customers in real-time."